Business Sector

  • 01

    Oceanographic Survey/Exploration

    It is used for various fields, including surveys of
    ideal places for artificial fishing banks and facility status,
    harbor design and construction, investigations such
    as to find buried bodies, resources and to investigate
    sea-bed status, Harbor surveys.

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  • 02

    Marine Physical

    It is used for basic data for flow pattern research, harbor design, tidal current forecasts and determination of the
    basic sea levels.

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  • 03

    Maritime Ecology/Environment

    We provide various information necessary for maritime ecology monitoring, and to survey the effects on the
    maritime environment, and Agreement on the Utilization
    of Sea Areas.

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  • 04

    Geodetic Survey

    Contributing to accurate construction by providing basic
    data for economical design and construction, and creating new solutions through GIS DB/SW development based on geographic information.

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  • 05

    Stream and Beach Survey

    It can be used for stream dredging work and river bed
    surveys and beach surveys.

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Business Results

A company specialized in marine exploration and surveying with the best technology and advanced marine equipment.

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